Quick and safe release
Hooking: click-on assembly
Component in space
Quick and safe release

The Clip System means the components can quickly be removed from the heat sink. A normal screwdriver is used to slightly lift the spring as in the diagram. The part can then be removed.
The springs are made of tempered steel whose surface has been treated with GEOMET to prevent yielding and breaking.

The pressure on the component depends on the thickness of the component itself.
The right pressure is that which is compatible with the technical specifications of the product, bearing in mind that more pressure than that indicated does not significantly alter heat exchange with the heat sink.


Forced ventilation

The indicated characteristics are correct if the heat sinks are vertically arranged.
The thermal resistance (ThR) given relates to the 100mm long sections, for other lengths the ThR values can be calculated using the simple tables alongside each model.
It is also possible to obtain the heat dissipation value with forced cooling multiplying the ThR by KThR obtainable from the forced cooling table.






Simple weidable pins in brass on PCB.
Isospacer reduces the times of assembly and distances the heat sink from the PCB. The are preassembled on the heat sink.

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